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8548 Palm Parkway

Orlando Florida

U.S.A. 32836

Tel (514) 341 7512

Cell (514) 864 1111



Dear Rabbi/Shliach,                                                                                                                 


This is concerning the prospects of performing as feature singer in concerts and Chazzan for Carlebach Shabbos and Shabbatons arranged by Shluchim.


I was referred to you by Mrs. Stolik and my Brother in Law Yossi Junik son of Rabbi Berel Junik zt”l


I was born in Italy and I speak Italian English and Hebrew fluently. Besides Carlebach, I am at home with, Opera, Chassidic, Italian, Israeli, Sefardic, Yiddish, and Chasanut music.

I am a Graduate of the Cantorial Institute of Tel-aviv under Naftaly Hershtik and have been coached considerably by Michel Rubin a close friend and Band leader of Reb Shlomo.

I deliver inspiring stories and devar Torahs


The price for my service is US$1000 plus accommodation and travel expenses for my accompanist and me.


I have produced and performed in five Internationally acclaimed Jewish music albums:

  1. HALLELU-A Song is a prayer -- Chassidic songs, with the Israeli Philharmonic Orchestra
  2. LECHU NERANNENA – Light Chazanut,with my 3 boys, Galpaz Productions, Israel
  3. OPERA IN THE SYNAGOGUE – Adapted  Opera and cantorial music
  4. CARLEBACH WITH A SHTIMME -- Carlebach songs with a chazonishe touch
  5. GREATEST HITS –- Songs from the four albums.


I can send you my CD’s for your review or you could look me up at my website as above

Being in Florida I am regularly the Chazzan at the Lubavicher shull of Rabbi Demberg in Boca Raton where I perform at Carlebach Shabbosim, Shabbatons, Bar/Bat mizvots.

You may get references From him. His work no. is 1 516 994 6257

It is a personal pleasure to perform within the Lubavich community having strong feelings for Lubavich myself.

I look forward to hearing from you.

You may reach me at one of the above numbers

Yours Sincerely




Cantor Yosef Gottesman




During my visit, as I am a certified Sofer Stam, I would be available for checking and repairing your Sifrei Torah, as well as Tefillin and Mezuzot.