• A capable Rabbi, Cantor and Baal Tefila, within all orthodox levels
• Successful in effecting congregational singing and participation, elation, and good feelings
• Capable of performing a wide range of ancillary services: Rabbi, Scribe, Bal Tokeah, Kiruv.
• Capable and experienced in delivering inspiring sermons and assume full responsibilities as Rabbi
• 20 years of successful experience as a Cantor
• Capable and experienced in organizing and teaching kiruv and youth groups
• Possess a rare powerful, melodious, dramatic tenor voice
• Carlebach nusach
LANGUAGES: Fluent English, Italian, Hebrew, some German and Yiddish



My One Hotel Canazei, Italy.                                                                                                      Jan.2009-Jan2010
Leading Cantor Rabbi and Mashgiach

Central Synagouge/Chief Rabbinate Milano/ Trieste                                                     Sept. 2006-April 2007
Chief Cantor and Assistant Rabbi of Milan/ Chief Rabbi of Trieste and Surroundings

Accomplishments – Brought important reforms in both cities Rabbinate resulting in better functioning of religious services.

Kosher Resorts Orlando / Anshey Emuna Cong. Delray Beach FL. March 2005 - September 2006
Rabbi, Rav Hamachshir, Kiruv, Leading Cantor
• Performed as Rabbi , Cantor and Bal Koreh at the Synagogue of the Resort (Ohel Rachel Leah)
• Delivered Inspiring Sermons During Pesach and Succot programs and Shabbat services
• Organized taught & directed the only Kiruv program, giving 2 weekly shiurim & master classes
• Instrumental in bringing & following up Classes for, Torah Umesora Seed programs & Arachim
• Taught the only Gerim Program in Central Florida
• Responsible For Kashrus for the only Kosher Restaurant in Orlando and the O.R.V.
• Leading Cantor for the High Holidays In Anshey Emuna Cong. In Delray Beach FL.

Accomplishments – Successfully managed the Resort resulting in the first profitable year.

Young Israel of Chomedey, Laval Quebec                                                     July 2000 –March 2005
Leading Cantor Rabbi and Scribe • Performed cantorial services each Shabbos and Yom Tov for a 600-member Orthodox congregation.
• Replaced Rabbi and performed as one during six month of absents
• Delivered inspiring sermons
• Torah reading during the week.
• Taught Bar-Mitzvah lessons.
• Checked members tefilin and repaired Sifrei Torah, as required.
• Presided at weddings, Bar Mitzvahs, funerals and unveilings.
• Organized taught and directed capable, volunteer men’s choir.
• Performed and directed annual shul concerts and fundraising events in conjunction with other renowned Cantors.
Accomplishments – Membership increased due to delightful & inspiring services. Sales of Rosh Hashanah seats increased considerably, notwithstanding the aging membership. Increased synagogue fund through concerts, fundraising events and membership.

Bais Hakeneset HaGadol of Acco, Israel August 1994-June 1999
Leading Cantor
• Succeeded Chazzan Naftali Herstick in the 2nd largest Orthodox synagogue in Israel, with 1200 congregants on Kol nidrei & Neila during the Yomin Noraim.
• Gained invaluable experience in the development of a boys’ choir.

United Orthodox Hebrew Congregation, Cape Town, South Africa Sept 1993-August 1994
Leading Cantor
• Served as leading Cantor for 700 congregants in a shul where Chazzan Simcha Kossevitzky formerly officiated.
• Performed with a professional choir of 12 men.


Bais Hakeneset HaGadol HaRishon Ness-Ziona, Israel Sept 1992-August 1993
Leading Cantor and Baal Tokeah
• Privileged to serve in one of the few Israeli shuls in which Cantors Mordechai Hershman and Yossele Rosenblatt had earlier performed.

Bais HaKeneset HaPoel HaMizrachi, Vienna Austria Sept 1991
Leading Cantor and Baal Tokeah
• Succeeded Chaim Adler, officiating for the Yomin Noraim
• Checked and repaired mezuzot and tefillin for congregation members


Diploma of Cantorship, a three year study program at the Cantorial Academy of Tel Aviv, Israel (Headed by Cantors Naftali Hershtick, Yitzchak Eshel ,Dr. Weintraub )Post graduate studies in vocal production with the world renowned teacher and author (THE VOICE) Dr.M.Arman
Studied Cantorial studies and music skills at the Jerusalem Cantorial Institute under Cantor Moshe Stern and Eli Yaffe

Smicha from Rabbi Hirshprung ztz’l of Montreal & Alexander Kollel Bney Brack
Certified Sofer Stam (Scribe), Vaad Mishmeret Stam, Bnei Brak, Israel
Trained and successfully completed 4 month course in Kiruv under Dr. Zigler (Arachim - Zehut )
Graduate of Kol Torah, Mir and Ponovitch Yeshivas


Arranged, directed and delivered lectures to young and old baalei teshuva in association with Arachim, Irgun Avrechei Italia, and Zehut. Spearheaded and successfully opened the first kollel in (Milan) Italy

Performed as featured cantor and with others, in various cantorial concerts within USA ,CANADA ISRAEL and ITALY. Also performed on RADIO & TELEVISION in both the USA, CANADA and ISRAEL Performed for the Israeli Ambassador in ROME and at the PICCOLO TEATRO in MILAN, a World famous theater where great singers of the opera performed including Luciano Pavarotti and Placido Domingo. Interesting enough, he is known to “mevinim” as the “JEWISH PAVAROTTI” due to the similarity of the timber of the voice.
Produced and performed in five Internationally acclaimed, Jewish music albums:

  1. HALLELU-A Song is a prayer -- Chassidic songs, with the Israeli Philharmonic Orchestra
  2. LECHU NERANNENA – Light Chazanut, with his 3 sons, Galpaz Productions, Israel
  3. OPERA IN THE SYNAGOGUE – Opera and cantorial music
  4. CARLEBACH WITH A SHTIMME – Original Carlebach songs with a chazonishe touch
  5. GREATEST HITS –- The Best of the Best, Songs from the four albums.


Cantorial Council of America
Council of Hazzanim of Greater Montreal


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Objective: A senior position in a religious institution or synagogue, drawing upon my extensive background as Cantor, along with any required support services.

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